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upbeat electronic tune based on acoustic guitar
classical piano nocturne
in my chest
            s'almost sweet
It leaves me no hope.
            Of defeat
                        At the end
Of the merciless slope.
            Of my mind
                        Squished into
Shapeless pile.


How could it take me so long
      To make this find.
How come it went so wrong
      I wasn’t blind.
It doesn’t drop
      Two inches deep.
      In the creek
Of your thoughts.
Thoughts of a parasite.
      Battles we fought,
Things I have sacrificed:
       It's all wasted on your delight. sought
How can that be justified?
      If I had just stayed aside.
True, I’d been unsatisfied -
      Simply unsatisfied.
Unhurt and unsatisfied.
      Unhurt and un...satisfied.
            Stripped of all
                        Summer leaves
These were my dreams.
            By all means,
                        pack your world
And leave me in peace.
At least I still hold
            A few seeds,
enough to go o-on.
to carry o-on.