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upbeat electronic tune based on acoustic guitar
classical piano nocturne



Esus4   Am7    Hmsus4           Cmaj7             Dmaj7


|----     |----     |----                 |--(0)-              |-0--


|----     |0---     |--0-                |----                 |-0--    


|-0--     |----     |---0                |----                 |-0--


|-0--     |-0--     |---0                |-0--                |----


|-0--     |----     |----X              |--0-                |----


|----     |----     |----X              |----                 |----






Esus4/Em         Esus4/Em         Esus4/Am7/G              Am7/G


Esus4/Em         Esus4/Em         Esus4/Am7/G              Am7/G




F#7 Hmsus4 G


Cmaj7 C G






Esus4                 Em                 Esus4          Em


I’m wandering around, calmly gazing at the sun.




            Am7   G                      Am7 G


What am I breathing for, why don’t I ever stop?




Esus4        Em              Esus4          Em


Maybe if I stop just for a day or two




      Am7/G                  Am7    G


The universe will seize spinning all that fast.






            Oh, I would like to shift






a little bit in space and






            take another look at the reality,






            I wanna see 3D.




I’m cruising through the time, passing milestones just fine


I even outstripped a bunch of knuckleheads.


And if I’m running low on fuel and supplies,


She’d always be around to make spirit rise.




            Oh, I would like to shift


a little bit in space and


            take another look at the reality,


            I’m hungry for 3D.




No matter how I try to make myself believe,


that I still haven’t seen tomorrow’s action through.


My mind still persists that it’s all signed and sealed,


Yet wouldn’t that be nice to taste another truth.




            Oh, I would like to shift


            A little bit in time and


            Make another move in past reality.


            That’s better than 3D.