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upbeat electronic tune based on acoustic guitar
classical piano nocturne
Dead river



She sent me to the dead river,
Urging me I bring a drop of life.
I've tried so hard, burnt in fever
And found one those in a lucky dive.
As I returned she grabbed the treasure
And put it on display as a silly leisure.
And there you go again,
yelling farewell,
you are dismissed for now .
Come back some other time,
Some other time, when I
Feel like another round,
And don't you let me do-own.

I've tried to pacify my ire,
Struggled to relieve my aching pride.
Yet, you just couldn't help desire
To get another funky lovely ride.
Can't you see, pretty lady,
It just never-never happens daily.
And now you go on,
Crying I was wrong,
Come back I'm different now.
You know that we are meant
To long for a secret scent ,
How can't you comprehend?
We are' being lead.